Monday, 6 October 2008

The ALL NEW Samaritan

Three robots were walking down a street one day when they came across a human lying in the gutter, there was blood on its head and it was unconscious.

The first robot said, “I am a StreetClean IV, model 5342. I was designed by the council to keep the neighbourhood free of rubbish. I shall remove this unsightly object.” It moved forward to lift the human.

The second robot stepped in front of it and said, “I am a Law Enforcer, serial number 4636291. I was designed by the government to uphold the law. I shall execute the legislature and remove this vagrant.” It moved forwards to lift the human.

The third robot pushed it aside and said, “I am a Gr8 M8 9-90. I was designed by the private sector to provide satisfaction and relief for humans. I see a human being in need. I shall revive it, care for it and increase its happiness.”

And so saying it bent down and treated the human, debiting its bank account accordingly.

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