Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Cuckoo's Post

I have always wanted two passports but for now I content myself with my many email addresses. Four at the last count. And then there are the sites I manage, a blog, a myspace page, the authonomy profile. For each of these locations an avatar, a screen name, a password. It gets difficult to keep track of all this information, perhaps our children are already adapting, but I began with pen and paper – and it wasn’t that long ago.
Now, what are the odds that one of my sign in names and another of my passwords, to me unrelated, in fact correspond to those chosen by a different web user? Highly improbable perhaps, but not impossible.
Let us for the moment imagine that I mistakenly enter these corresponding units of information and arrive at someone else’s page. Would I click back and try again, or would I snoop? Would I tinker? What would you do?
Of course I haven’t actually written this entry, not the “I” you think I am. The owner of this page is in for a surprise.
Maybe he will like it.

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