Friday, 5 August 2011

Fugue No.3


The falcon cannot hear the falconer. The rain comes down in sheets.


- The falcon cannot hear the falconer, way up here where the clouds roil and the rain comes down in sheets. From up here the fist of the wind can be seen dealing blows upon the mountainside, ruffling its fur of fir trees.

- But way down there, above the tree line, in the heather, comes the maddened hare, path as jagged as the lightening. But even though the falcon cannot hear the falconer, it knows its task, as sure as claws are sharp, as sure as the rain comes down in sheets.


The falcon cannot hear the falconer, whose fist hangs in the air, whose eyes, from fur-lined hood, seek out his feathered will. Down here, among the heather, they wait or run, up here above the tree line where the crowd of fir stand by the fence and lightening illuminates the maddened hare. As the claws come down, as the mad end begins, as the rain comes down in sheets.



Anonymous said...

Very poetic! Liked the different variations on the first line.

Aidan Fritz said...

Beautiful images turn this hunt into a gem.

Helen said...

A nice sense of movement within this piece of the falcon flying and swooping, the hare running and the falconer moving to see his charge.

There was also a lovely rhythm to the words that gave them almost a poetical feel.

Nice writing!

Helen - from

Tim VanSant Writes said...

Very poetic. And very musical.

Welcome to Friday Flash.

pegjet said...

Welcome to friday flash. You have a deft way with words. I look forward to more.

Chuck Allen said...

A very interesting intersection of falcon, falconer and hare. Their voices definitely come together in this one. Great job. Thanks for sharing it.

Clive Martyn said...

Great imagery. Well done.

Simon Kearns said...

Thank you everyone. "The falcon cannot hear the falconer" is of course a borrowing from WB Yeats. Thought it would be nice to sample a classic for one of the melodies in this fugue.